We're a team of business owners and operators helping you grow your business.

We’re incredibly passionate about helping business owners get the kind of results they’ve always wanted from working with consultants, but never seem to get.

The difference between us and another growth consultancy? We actually grow, own and run our own businesses so we know what works. And we know better than anyone what you need as a business owner.

That’s why we’re called Business 2iC.

We’re your second in charge and our job is to make you and your business look great, while we get the work done.

Who's driving this company?

That would be Lucy Bloomfield.

She started an eCommerce business called Trefiel in 2015 and grew it from 0 to 10,000 customers in 18 months with a 40% return customer rate. Now, she helps other business owners grow their business and retain their customers.