Harness the power of Giveaway Campaigns.

If you’re a business in a highly saturated niche, you need to go above and beyond what your competitors are doing to stand out.

The most effective way to do this? Giveaway Campaigns.

We have used Giveaway Campaigns to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars for our businesses and for our clients.

But here’s the catch – they’re not easy to run successfully.

We’ve spent the last 3 years creating successful campaigns designed to drive sales, retain customers and increase email list subscribers.

Regardless of whether you have or haven’t run a giveaway campaign before, running a successful campaign is like creating a complex math equation. Difficult for those that don’t know, easy for those that do.

We want to help you harness the power of giveaway campaigns for your business.

That’s what the Gleam Behind The Scenes program is designed to help you overcome.

What is Gleam?

Gleam is a giveaway campaign software that makes the process of running a successful campaign easy.

We’re one of the few consultancies who have been approved by Gleam, to run campaigns for businesses like yourself.

Our Gleam Behind The Scenes Program takes four years “in the trenches” experience of running successful marketing campaigns, to help you craft a successful and on-brand campaign for your own business.

Whether you’re looking to:

  • Launch your business,
  • Acquire new customers, or
  • Re-engage your existing database,

The Gleam Behind The Scenes Program will help take you from knowing you need to create a campaign (and not being sure where to start) to deploying a tactical, in-depth marketing campaign for your business.

Gain access to our deep knowledge of consumer psychology, business strategy and campaign experience.

Skip the mistakes and uncertainty of structuring and running campaigns. Receive an in-depth campaign action plan and support throughout implementation with the Gleam Behind The Scenes Program.

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What's included?

The first step is a 90-minute strategy session to define your:
– Business goals,
– Target campaign participants,
– Campaign offering,
– Channels to deploy your campaign.

Next, we’ll create a personalised Campaign Strategy and Action Plan for you to implement in your business.

We’ll help you set your campaign up and monitor it as it runs to help you improve and optimise its performance.

You’ll receive email support to go over any questions you have about executing the campaign.

You’ll gain access to Lucy’s preferred professional network of marketers, advertisers and creatives to ensure your campaign’s success.

Lucy's insight and knowledge is always directed towards capturing maximum return on any strategy put in place, and if it's not performing, then the flexibility of her experience kicks in. She is super creative, insightful and just a beautiful person to work with. I have absolute trust with my business baby in her hands. I recommend her services to everyone!

Tonia Walker, Founder of IME Natural Perfumes

What You'll Gain From This Program

At the end of the Gleam Behind The Scenes program, you’ll have successfully deployed a giveaway campaign designed to achieve your business goals and grow your business.

Is this the right program for you?

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