Grow your business as an organisation.

In the fast-paced world we live in technology and the business are constantly evolving, and knowing what new channels are available to your business can feel daunting. Even more daunting is how to use these channels effectively, especially if you’re a business owner, not a digital marketer.

We don’t believe you can see the most growth by giving you a strategy and sending you on your way. You need to implement and manage growth too.

Here’s how we look at the growth of your business:

  1. Planning for growth (strategy);
  2. Creating growth (implementation);
  3. Managing growth (bringing the entire business up to meet and handle the growth).

That’s what this program is designed to tackle in your business.

What is this?

You’re the business owner. You know more about your business than we could ever assume to understand in a 90-minute session. That’s why we work together in The Three-Prong Growth Approach to plan, create and manage your business growth together.

As your 2iC (2nd in Charge), our job is to make you and your business look really good. We do that and we make your job easier by tackling the tasks that you don’t need to focus on.

We are your right-hand business partner.

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What's included?

Every business who comes through the Three-Prong Growth Approach completes a strategy session where we cover –

  • Your business’ current state (current challenges and goals);
  • Who your customers are and what they’re saying about your business;
  • What channels you’re using, which are performing well and which aren’t;
  • What your business numbers are (expenses, margins, ROI on current channels used and projections)
  • Where you’re losing efficiency as a business; and
  • What timeline you’d like your business growth to follow.

We’ll then create a personalised Growth Strategy, which covers the next 6 months of your businesses growth and:

  • Enhancing performance on your existing channels;
  • Roll out implementation on new channels;
  • Improve internal processes to handle growth generated;

What happens after this depends on you and your business.

6 X 60 minute coaching sessions

1 session a month
  • For the business owner who wants accountability but freedom to try it themselves

12 X 60 minute coaching sessions

2 sessions a month
  • For the business owner who wants in-depth coaching through the process;

On-going email support

through the next 6 months
  • For the business owner who wants access to experts to answer their questions;

A mix of all

The full package
  • For the business owner who wants 2nd in Charge (2iC) in their business;
  • Problem-solve any issues you run into;
  • Develop a deeper strategy based on platform nuances or insight you collect;
  • Brainstorm pivots based on the feedback and data you collect; and
  • Hold yourself accountable to the schedule and goals we set in in our initial strategy session.

I loved working with Lucy, she really went above and beyond for us and actually cared about getting us results. If you want results, work with Lucy.

Danielle Fenner-Smith, Co-Founder of Full Filled Co

What You'll Gain From This Program

At the end of the Three-Prong Growth Approach program, you’ll –

  • Enter new channels and leverage them to take your business to the next phase of growth.
  • Increase your internal capabilities with a process that allows you to implement growth strategies whenever you need your business to grow.
  • Streamline your business, finding more ways for it to run efficiently and handle growth as you create it.

Is this the right program for you?

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